Noise Management App and 2 Freebies!

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In a classroom full of 28 first graders, centers are big part of our day. Students are on so many different academic levels I have found it easiest to reach the needs of my students by doing a majority of my teaching in small groups while the other children are at their centers. With all of the technology in our classrooms-centers are great!  Students are incredibly engaged and completing meaningful lessons.

Once students are settled in the center they do a great job working quietly to complete the given task.  My struggle this year has been getting our transitions down.  They are still not perfect-but we have made a lot of improvement and hopefully that will only continue.

The noise level of our transitions from center to center was simply too loud until one of my coworkers found this amazing FREE App: Too Noisy

 We keep this app on during our centers too as a reminder of our volume. This app is great for first graders because it is incredibly visual for students.  They can easily understand this app by simply looking at the colors and the smiley face.  The BEST part is the kids look at it as a game to try and keep the smiley face happy.This app is definitely worth a try to help students self monitor their own volume!


It is getting so close to the official start of winter (although it already feels like winter!) and Christmas-it is all our students can talk about! As a result we have created many winter activities for our classrooms.   It is so fun to see their little faces as we pull out something that has a anything winter related on it (if you are 6 and you see a snowman and/or a Christmas tree…it makes that center that much MORE fun!) 

 Check out these freebies  by clicking on the images below.  
Enjoy your Friday!
Amanda and Aylin

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