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Why Focus On Digital Fluency? I can hardly believe that it’s already the beginning of August! This summer has somehow flown by, after a very long, very tedious spring! I
Teaching Guided Reading, Digitally! I wrote in this post a few weeks back that I am so thankful that I started turning my Guided Reading Passages into digital resources a
Why Diversity is Needed Not only is it important that students see themselves in books, but it’s also important for kids to get a more global view of children around
Helping Early Readers with Letter Recognition Early readers need a lot of practice with letter identification. Some move on quickly, while others need repeated practice frequently before they can master
Google Slides: Built-in Tools While you’re working in Google Slides, you’ll see quite a few options in the toolbar. These can be used by your students to show their interactions
Using Passages within Google Slides When I created the digital format of my fiction Guided Reading Passages in 2017, I had no idea just how needed they’d be in the future. I
Distance Learning Differences Distance learning looks different based on the school you’re at. I wanted to share some ideas of how teachers are using my passages to help keep their
Distance Learning and Google Classroom Since teachers aren’t currently able to sit right in front of their students to conduct Guided Reading groups, some adjustments need to be made. If
Why Close Reading is Helpful The idea of Close Reading became big several years ago when the Common Core Standards were adopted. Though not all states still use these standards,
Working with Early Readers A few weeks ago I received a question about how to work with early readers who weren’t quite ready for the workshop model yet. I figured