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guided reading planning materials

Guided reading is an essential practice for all elementary reading teachers. There is an abundance of information out there about best practices in guided reading, and yet it still feels

working on words ideas

Word Work Word work is the hands-on practice of working with words in some capacity. This can cover just about any word skill, from phonics patterns, to practicing prefixes and

tips for teaching letters

Alphabetic Knowledge Alphabetic knowledge is being familiar with the different letters’ names, sounds, and shapes. It is the primary focus on early literacy instruction, and lays the foundation for reading!

When you think about the struggling writers in your classroom, how do you feel? Do you feel confident in how to support them? Do you feel a little at a

What is the Summer Slide? If you are a parent or teacher of elementary-aged students, chances are that you’ve heard of ‘The Summer Slide’. The Summer Slide refers to a

Close Reading for Summer

I have shared before about the importance of establishing a close reading routine in your teaching. You can check out THIS blog and THIS blog to learn more. Now that

ALT Text: Do you need fun summer writing prompts for your Kindergarten, first, or second grade students? Think, Draw, Write is an engaging way to keep students writing, all the way until the last day of school!

The end of the year is approaching, fast! One of the best ways to keep the end of the year ‘chaos’ from creeping in too soon, is to keep your


It’s officially Spring time! It feels strange to talk about activities for the end of the year…but we are officially there! For some of you, April is your last full

When we think about using nonfiction texts with students, there are a few things that usually give us pause.  First, nonfiction texts can be full of complex vocabulary and concepts,

Spring is here, and so is a new ‘I Am a Reader’ set! I shared about the inside look of I Am a Reader in the winter. You can take